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Insight FDS vs. Proximity Probes

Benefits Over Proximity Probes

Insight FDS gives you a better option with many benefits over Proximity Probes:

  • Minimal to No Downtime to Install
  • No Machining of the Bearing Required
  • Data As Good As A Proximity Probe
  • Load Quantified
  • No Special Shaft Preparation
  • No Slow Roll Compensation Required for Accurate Data 
  • Even Fits Inside Engines and Compressors on Main Bearings

All in All, it’s a simpler and better approach to protection than proximity probes.

Why do you need to protect your Fluid Film Bearings?

  • Fluid Film Bearings Have The Shortest Time to Failure
  • Failures Can Occur in Just Two Revolutions

How do you protect them?

The Proximity Probe used to be the only good option to protect and monitor your critical and expensive equipment with fluid film bearings.

You cannot rely only on Proximity Probes and here's why:

  • Proximity Probes don’t fit on all bearings
  • Installation is extensive requiring long downtimes and high costs
  • Oftentimes, proximity probes are installed but are not functioning properly. And the shutdown required to repair isn’t available. This results in an expensive protection system rendered useless.
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