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Insight FSD vs. Accelerometers

Benefits Over Accelerometers

The Benefits of the Insight FDS over Accelerometers on Fluid Film Bearings is simple.

  • Accelerometers DO NOT give consistent, accurate data on fluid film bearings and we will tell you why.
  • The properties of the Accelerometer limit bearing housing acceleration, making the accelerometer and its data nearly useless.
  • With the Insight FDS the data reported is as reliable as that from a Proximity Probe.

In a Fluid Film Bearing you have:

  • Low Stiffness
  • High Damping
  • Low Rotor Mass
  • High Bearing Mass

These properties limit bearing housing acceleration, making the accelerometer nearly useless.

Accelerometers DO work well on Rolling Element Bearings.

In a Rolling Element Bearing you have:

  • High Stiffness
  • Low Damping
  • High Rotor Mass
  • Low Bearing Mass

These properties allow the rotor to accelerate the bearing housing, making the accelerometer viable.

Rolling Element Bearing

Rotor Unbalance

Rotor Kit Data

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