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Product Catalog

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Product Catalog

Voyager Dynamics sells the Insight FDS sensors directly or through an authorized distributor near you. Contact us for a list of authorized brokers.

The Insight FDS is a low cost, non-intrusive sensor for fluid film bearings that indirectly measures bearing forces to provide time waveform and spectral data comparable to proximity probes without the need for equipment downtime or machine work to install.

Insight FDS

Force Detection Sensor

Insight FDS102A: $990

Insight FDS102A
Low profile Insight FDS102A - 6' integral cable to 10-32 connector.

Insight FDS102B: $990

FDS 102B
Low Profile Insight FDS102B Sensor 35' integral cable to flying lead.

Insight FDS BNC Strip: $85.00

BNC Strip
Din Rail BNC Connection Strip

Male Adaptors: $37
Female Adaptors: $40

Male to Female BNC Adapter

Female to Female BNC Adapter

Installation Kit: $125

Insight FDS Installation Kit

Installation Kit
Includes (1) 1oz bottle of Permabond 820 Instant Adhesive and 1 magnetic installation fixtures.

FDS Protective Cover: $20 each

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